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Love - Can You Change Your Partner?

What is love? Love is an emotion. There are so many emotions- compassion, hatred, anger, grief, happiness, etc. Love is also an emotion. The difference is one- love is the most powerful emotion. Hatred is also a very powerful emotion. True hatred can make a person do unthinkable. Similarly love can make a person do unthinkable, but in a positive side.

Many of us complain about our partners. He/she is this and that. We have a long list of complaints and as days go by, our list increases finally leading to a break-up. Can we do something different than complaining? Sure. We can express our love and faith in our partner. We can praise him/her for their good qualities and make them feel our love. It will have two effects- our own focus shifts from bad to good, and our partner also would want to reciprocate our love. This will make them stop doing what hurts us. It is easy to destroy a relationship. Why not build?

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