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Do You Need Intimacy?

Intimacy in love means a close relationship that is highly satisfying. To be intimate means that you reveal yourself totally to your partner, hide nothing and feel very comfortable and free. it is like talking to yourself. You become so close and are so sure of your relationship that you talk to your partner as if you are talking to yourself. This kind of relationship has great joy and gives a new meaning to relationships. Now a days relationships are getting confined to physical and emotional needs are not being met. Are you also looking for intimate relationship? Why not quiz yourself about that?

Quiz your needs? Do you feel comfortable in an intimate relationship? Do you feel absence of intimate relationship? When you look at pictures of happy and intimate couples, do you feel little envious? Do you wish that you also had an intimate relationship? Or you feel comfortable as you are and do not want any one to come within your personal space. Do you wish to share others pains and pleasures or want to keep away from details and in a boundary? These are the questions that only you can answer. Please quiz yourself about these needs. This quiz will tell you about your deep felt needs and tell you what will satisfy you. Also quiz yourself if what you are thinking will truly give you joy?

Quiz your behavior - Quiz yourself about your behavior. If you need an intimate relationship then ask- why it is not developing? Quiz yourself about your choice of partner. Quiz yourself about your relationship with him/her and find out if that is responsible for not developing intimacy. Quiz your partner’s mind about his/her opinion. Quiz yourself about how to develop intimacy. Begin with small steps and watch the results. If you are happy with the initial results, please go deeper in the relationship and enjoy life.

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