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Do You Let Your Partner Know Why You Love Them?

Do you ever tell your partner about the good qualities that they have? Do you tell them why you love them? Do you make them feel good by telling them about why they are so lovely? Do you make them happy by telling them what you like about them? If not, please begin. Bring a fresh air in your relationship and let your partner feel good.

Try telling them few things. They can be - You never make me feel bad. You are made for me and I am made for you. You have a beautiful body. I love your hairstyle. When I look into your eyes, I swoon with ecstasy. I wait to hear your voice. Your choice of words is excellent. I wait to be with you. I enjoy being with you. I wait to fall asleep so that I can meet you again in my dreams. I love you because you are a beautiful human being. You are so intelligent I get floored. I want to be with you all the time. I keep on thinking of you while working. I think of you at all the times. After meeting you, my life has changed. I never dreamt that i would be so lucky to meet somebody so good.

In our relationships, we should always be very liberal with our praise. We should be very stingy with blames and criticism. Any word that can hurt should be avoided. Any word that can make your partner feel good should be repeatedly used. Make your relationship heavenly and not a hell. Let your partner feel why you love them so much and how they are so lovely.

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