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What Should A Girl Wear On A First Date

One of the important questions that loom before us on our first date is what we should be wearing? Giving the right impression on the very first date is vital as it would decide whether you will meet the person in the future or not. Therefore the way you look and present yourself matters a lot, no matter how much your date would deny the fact that looks are not on his/her list of qualities that a potential partner should have. The first date used to be a formal affair when both met up for dinner at a posh restaurant. However, with the changing times, this popular practice has become passe and dinner at the local diner or going to a ball game or a music concert and other such activities have replaced the formal affair that the first date used to be. No matter where the two of you meet, it is very essential for you to dress up appropriately. Here are a few tips for you to get the right look on your first date.

Girls are almost paranoid before the first date. After the date is planned, they spend endless hours at the mall searching for the right outfit, the right pair of shoes and the right accessories. Another important aspect is makeup and jewelry. Makeup and jewelry should complement your looks and not dominate. Excessive use of makeup would make you look like a clown and going over the top with jewelry would make you look like a portable jewelry store. Either ways, the guy would find it very embarrassing to walk in your company.

If your date plans to take you to a posh and classy restaurant for dinner, it would pay to go light and subtle. The best possible dress on such an occasion would be a cocktail dress. As it would be a dinner date, colors like black, maroon, beige, forest green, white and deep blue would go better than their lighter versions. If you think that the cocktail dress would be too flashy, the LBD or the little black dress is an evergreen option. It is a safe way to ensure that you look great without thinking too much. Another possible option is a fancy white shirt with a classy pair of trousers or a smart little skirt. Keep makeup to a limit so that it accentuates your features. Give heavy accessories a miss and don something on the lighter side.

On the other hand, if your date plans to take you somewhere casual, think of denims, a bright and attractive top and sneakers to go with it. In this case you can accessorize according to what you might do on usual days. Avoid something that may look too revealing as it may give a wrong impression. Don’t forget to pay attention to what you do to your hair. A girl’s hair is a great turn on for men and if done the right way, it can do wonder to what he feels about you. Don’t forget a good perfume as guys are first attracted by the way a girl smells. Most often they relate a girl to one particular fragrance.

Just keep in mind, that you wear only what you are comfortable in.

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