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How To Make Valentines Day Special For Your Boyfriend?

Valentines day is the day to express your love to your special one. You love him so much and he is everything to you, then use this Valentines day wisely to express your love to him in the most meaningful way possible. This Valentines day, show your boyfriend how much you love him, by making his day a day to remember. Here are 10 ideas how to make Valentines day special for your boyfriend.

1. Sing his favorite song for him:
Pick his all time favorite romantic number that is easy to sing. You can record your voice and gift it to him and just sing it out to him in person on Valentines day. You don’t have to be an American Idol to make it special for him. Only your sincere efforts have to be shown and it will make him feel very special.

2. Sports Club:
Take him to a nearby sports club, where the two of you could play different kinds of games together. Choose the club that has a nice swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor tennis court, golf, table tennis, squash, etc.

3. Camping in the woods:
This Valentines day, take your boyfriend camping. If he enjoys adventure, what can be better than this one? Get the tents ready and set the bonfire, take him for a overnight camp in the woods.

4. Water sports:
Take him to the beach for a day of water sports. Underwater safari, parasailing, scuba diving, etc can be a part of the package. Rest is assured, this Valentines day is going to be one day he will never be able to forget.

5. Dedicate a song for him on air:
Pick a radio station he always listens to. You can dedicate a romantic song along with a message to him through the radio jockey. He is surely going be caught by surprise.

6. Take him for a candlelight dinner:
This may be conventional, but it is an all time favorite way to celebrate a romantic evening. Arrange for a candlelight dinner at one of his favorite restaurants. Book a cozy corner table.

7. Write him a poem:
This Valentines day, write him a poem about how much you love him and what he means to you. You surely don’t have to be a Shakespeare to write a poem for the one you love. What matters is that you write it straight from the heart. It is surely going to make him feel really very special.

8. Recorded DVDs:
Record a collection of all his favorite romantic movies and songs and gift it to him this Valentines day. Now, the only work is to choose a great name for the DVD case. Think of something sweet like, ‘Sealed with a kiss.’

9. Photo Album:
Make an album for him containing a collection of photos of the two of you together. You can also leave messages here and there, after each photo. This is a Valentines day gift that he will always preserve.

10. Surprise him:

Blindfold him and take him to a far off lighthouse at night. When you are up, take his blindfold off. He will have a breathtaking view to admire. This is the perfect place where you can speak your heart to him personally. Remind him how much you love him and what he means to you.

These are 10 ways how to make this Valentines Day special for your boyfriend. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t do it like an obligation. Festivals don’t make people, but people make festivals. So whatever you plan on doing, let it be done straight from the heart.

Are you making Valentine’s day special?
Valentine’s day is a special day for lovers. Will it be a wonderful day for you? Find out with this Valentine quiz.

Will you have a wonderful Valentine’s day?
Valentine’s day is a special day for lovers. Will it be a wonderful day for you? Find out with this Valentine quiz.