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10 Ways to Find Out If Your Guy Is Cheating

The biggest breakdown in a girl’s life comes when she finds the prince of her dreams cheating on her. This is the toughest time that any relationship faces when one partner has doubt that the other one is cheating. For a girl, it becomes difficult to go on with her life along with the fear of the existence of the ‘other woman’. However, to help you see things more clearly in a relationship, here are ten ways to find out if your guy is cheating on you.

1. You get a feeling from within:
Though most of us do not trust this feeling that we get from within, this is the first indicator that your guy is probably cheating on you. Most girls are blessed with a special sense that flashes warning lights when things are about to go wrong. Thus, when you have a funny squirming feeling that says something is not in place, it would be a wise decision to trust your instinct on it. Sometimes the heart makes wiser decisions than your mind. Though we are conditioned to ignore this feeling, do not just let it be, but think about what may have caused you have this feeling. However, do not rely on the feeling alone. Try to have some facts in your hand to prove your point before you confront him.

2. Giving excuses related to work:
A common excuse that most men resort to when they start to cheat is being away due to work, as a reason of their delay in arriving home. Increase of working time at office, increase of travelling due to work, going to work related gatherings and social events every other day, staying behind closed doors with his computer when he is home and attending meetings or entertaining clients very often are some work-related excuses that men give when they are cheating their girlfriends/spouses. If you find a sudden change in work pattern, try and find out more from others as well to confirm that your better half is fooling you with the pretext of work.

3. Accusing you of cheating:
It is human psychology to accuse someone of something that you may be doing yourself. Your guy may have been trusting you blindly ever since the start of your relationship. However, if he has begun to doubt you and your actions off late, it is something that he might be doing and he suspects you to be doing the same with him. A sudden volley of accusations may arise from the fact that he feels guilty or that he has a fear of losing you due to infidelity. Mistrust in a relationship is a very common occurrence if your partner is cheating.

4. Change of telephone habits:
A man’s phone is a big weakness when he is cheating. It can reveal all to his partner. If your doubts are not confirmed yet, you can confirm them easily with this one technique. However, the key word here is ‘observance’. Try and see how he behaves with his phone. Does he leave it all around the house or carry wherever he goes, in extreme cases, even to the toilet? Does his body language change during certain phone calls, with his voice becoming soft, a slight smile on his face but with a tension of your presence building around him? If ever you use his phone, are the call logs always deleted and all the messages erased? If the answer to most of these questions is a yes, you might have a cheating guy.

5. Getting a wardrobe makeover:
One of the most visible signs of cheating is when your guy wants to change his look completely and gets a wardrobe makeover. He will change his hairstyle and the type of clothes. He would also get mirror obsessed and want to look good at all times. His looks will be so important to him that he might suddenly be obsessed with his age and weight and work hard to bring glamor in his life. These are sure signs that he is cheating you as he wants to suit his looks to the preference of his new girl. In short, your partner is readying himself for someone new in his life and intends to leave you if you notice these changes in him.

6. Has a new set of friends but doesn’t involve you in the circle:
Guys want their girls to be with them when they are out with friends. A guy would like to show his girl off to his friends as his most prized possession. However, if your guy has someone new in his life, he will definitely not involve you with his friends and social gatherings anymore. He would also have a new set of friends who you may not even know.

7. Frequently finds faults with you:
When your guy is cheating, you can expect frequent fights where he constantly finds faults with you and criticizes you. This happens as psychologically, he forms his image of an ideal woman by placing someone else in the position that you held before. Mentally, he would always compare you with her and judge your actions by her standards. If you find him lose his temper frequently out of no reason and constantly finding faults with you and highlighting all your negative aspects, rest assured that your guy is cheating on you for a woman, he feels is much better than you.

8. Avoids looking at you in the eyes:
It is a rule of nature that a guilty man cannot lie to you while looking at you straight in the eyes. If you ask your guy a question and you find him mumbling something with a lot of pauses with either a dreamy expression on his face or his eyes straying everywhere else but your eyes, he may be lying. If this lying goes on for long, there may be another girl involved in the picture.

9. Always takes a moment before he answers your call:
This is another technique that is adopted by men when they are cheating on their spouses. They will always have problems answering their partner’s phone. The phones would be mostly switched off when they are out with the other woman. Even if your partner’s phone remains on, you can always expect him to take a moment or two before answering your phone. Though he would give you excuses that he did not see the phone as it was on silent mode or that he had his clients with him, which would restrict your conversation with him, he may be with the other girl.

10. There is a changed attitude among old friends:
Many of your old friends who know about the new girl, would be very uncomfortable around both of you together,because they would be worried about not letting anything slip and cause trouble in your relationship. You would find your friends either uncomfortable in your presence or avoiding you completely.

The most important step after realizing that your partner is cheating on you is to take a stand. Brace yourself for what is yet to come and remember that it is better to get hurt once than live with the deceit each day. However, confront him only when you have strong evidence suggesting his infidelity unless you want an innocent partner to get hurt with your suspicions.

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