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10 Tips For Girls For First Date

Girls are very nervous before a first date with a new guy. There are few tips which they can read and be more comfortable and have a wonderful date. Who knows, this may be the start of a wonderful new relationship.

1. When a man is made to chase you and not get you as easily as he expects to, he would find you more appealing. Most men love being on the pursuit of the woman they like. They feel that the woman has an almost mysterious aura about her persona. It might take some time for the guy to approach you but it is genuinely worth the wait.

2. Let the guy take control of the date. This would act as an ego boost and help the two of you ease around each other. Please note that the guy wants to make you feel special and so you must give him the opportunity to take charge of the situation. However, don’t forget to give in your inputs when required.

3. Certain women connect very well with men as they have an understanding of what men expect of them and behave accordingly. A man loves his date to be cheerful with a smile on her face and someone who has no airs and no sense of pretense about her.

4. You must remember that that the purpose of the date is not to form judgments about the person or to see whether he makes a potential groom. The date is about getting to know each other better and having fun. Enjoyment is the key word in this case.

5. You need to realize that whatever your date is doing, he is putting in an effort to make your evening more enjoyable. You must acknowledge his endeavors and not forget to express your appreciation. Seldom do women compliment their dates, but when they do, it makes a man feel very nice.

6. Instead of talking about yourself all the time, pay some attention to what he has to say too. Let him do the talking and listen carefully. Ask him questions and let him speak about his interests. He will feel important with the attention that you give him.

7. Many girls have a tendency to be overly honest right at their first date and they end up talking about messy details of their past relationships. Though it is right to be honest, it would be worthwhile waiting for the right time to come when you discuss your past with him. Both of you may have a past and it is best kept secret till he asks you about it.

8. Phones are to be kept switched off during the date. If you are expecting an important phone call, tell him beforehand so that he is mentally prepared about it. However, if you constantly go on talking over the phone, he will eventually feel that you are not interested in the date.

9. Be very careful of the expenses that you make. A true gentleman would never let his date even touch the purse when it comes to paying and so, he would be the one paying for all that you crave during the day. Do not be a spendthrift to the point of extremism but also do not spend on luxuries that you generally would avoid should you have come out by yourself.

10. Your date must have worked pretty hard to set it all up for you. Please thank him right after the date. Do not forget to say that you had a wonderful time with him and that you loved all that he did for you. It does not end here. A day later, you must call him or text him again just to thank him. It is a sweet gesture that shows to the guy that you appreciated his actions.

Don’t worry so much. Even he will be nervous during the first date. Just be yourself and enjoy the date.

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