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What Should A Guy Wear On A First Date

Guys don’t have to worry so much as girls have to about what to wear on the first date. But still some guys do face confusion choosing what is appropriate enough to wear on their first date. If you are confused and don’t think that you will be able to choose the right outfit all by yourself, it is a good idea to have a female member of the family or a female friend to help you in your endeavor to look your best. Getting a female’s approval is a good idea as they would know what other girls would want a guy to look like on the first date. Another thing that guys ought to remember before their first date is basic hygiene.

If the date is arranged at an upmarket restaurant, a crisp black suit is the right option. Choose a suit that makes you look classy. If you think a suit is extravagant for your style, stick to a formal shirt in the richer and darker shades. Pay attention to what you may want to do with your accessories. Good accessories like the right watch, belt and shoes can help you earn brownie points with your date.

In case you have arranged to go for some place more casual, the best would be to stick to denims and a shirt to go with it. Make sure you wear the clothes with the right fitting lest your jeans droop too low or your shirt doesn’t seem your size. Girls hate these little things and probably would not opt for a second date if your dressing sense has such anomalies.

It is essential that you wear the right kind of clothes. Avoid something too loose or something too tight. It is always the best idea to wear just what you may be comfortable in.

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