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Who Should Call After The First Date?

You had a good date. You enjoyed each other and laughed on jokes. You were both interested in each other and it seemed that both of you wanted to carry forward after the first date. Your date told you that he/she might call you again in a day or two. That call did not come. What should you think about it? What should you do?

Most of us get irritated about the promise that was not kept. We do not know what to do? Whether to wait or forget the date? This is a problem, because you liked the guy/girl and want to further the relationship.

Before you jump to conclusions and get irritated, think about the other person. He/she might have got a problem. Or he/she might be thinking about what is in your mind? He/she may not be sure about how his/her phone call will be responded with and may be hesitant about calling you.

There may be many reasons that are possible. Why not call and find out yourself? Most of you let go many opportunities because somebody did not call back in time. Why not stop thinking negatively and become proactive. Call up and find out.

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