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Body Image And Dating

Those who are on the dating scene are worried about their body image. Do they look good or not is the question that troubles them. The teenagers are worried about the smallest zit and the young adults about their personality, weight, face, and everything that makes them feel attractive. This tires many of you at times. Why should you think about dating with so many hassles? This is a logical question, because after putting in all the efforts you are not sure of getting a good partner. And every date brings new tensions. What should be done about your body image?

Maintain your body the way you like it. If you like to be overweight, love yourself and are not bothered about your weight, don’t reduce it only to get a good partner. You will go back to old ways after some days and then what? Better keep your body image as you love it. If you are short in height, no amount of worrying will increase your height. If you don’t look like a celebrity, no amount of plastic surgery can make you one. Are you in this world only to worry about the smallest fault in your body so that you can please someone to go into a long term relationship? Certainly not. That will also be cheating the other person. Let them love you for what you are.

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