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Is Your Friendship Moving Towards Love?

What is the difference between a friendship and an emotional affair? Is an emotional affair wrong? Does an emotional affair help a relationship by letting a partner vent out all emotional frustration, which otherwise they would not have done with his/her partner? Or does it kill the relationship? How to know if a friendship is proceeding towards and emotional affair?

Let us find out what happens in life of Jack and Jeanette, a lovely couple. They courted for many years and then decided that they wanted to live together. They were in love and they felt that it was time to cement the relationship by living together and having children. The first few months of their life together was smooth but as time passed the strain of living together started showing up? They were trying to sort out the issues, but during that time Jeanette happened to meet her old friend Ronald.

Ronald was a good friend of Jeanette in the college and Jeanette used to take his advice for all her problems. When Jeanette met Ronald she thought that she should talk to Ronald about her relationship with Jack. She should have not done that at all. She was already trying to sort out her issues talking with Jack and she should have continued talking to Jack only. But after talking to Ronald it looked as if Jack was the opposition to Jeanette.

This began changing equations of the relationship. Jeanette’s relationship with Ronald slowly changed to emotional relationship and ultimately she broke away with Jack. A relationship was destroyed because Jeanette crossed a boundary. She discussed something very personal with Ronald. In any relationship, the issues of relationship should never be discussed with any body else unless the break up looks imminent. Jeanette was a friend of Ronald. Ronald should have never been allowed to enter the issues of her relationship with Jack. If you are making any such blunder, please avoid.

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