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Gentlemen and Dating - Part 4

All of us have physical needs. A child also needs to be touched. But to think that a relationship must involve sex is wrong. There are many other ways of expressing ourselves physically other than sex. This applies to both men and women. It is not that men are more sexually demanding. Both the genders need to be pampered in many different ways.

For example, if a woman needs to be held while crying or need to have a back rub, the man would appreciate her reciprocating in a way that will satisfy his ‘manly’, emotional or psychological needs. We all know that there are MANY different ways to satisfy those needs besides intercourse. There is a good saying that ‘every man wants a lady in public but a PRO in the bedroom.’ It’s not very hard to figure out what that all means to each of us, and it certainly might be different for each of us.

Many young people struggle with their moral upbringing when dating. They hear their friends brag about conquests and wonder how much of it is true. We are doing a serious disservice to the young people today by not being honest about sex. Seeing R-rated movies and sex magazines gives young men ideas that about sexual behavior and prowess that is sure to cause many problems with their mate or spouse. The days of yesteryear where the man initiated sex, the positions, and the frequencies is pretty much placed in the dinosaur section of the library. The newest scientific finding that dark chocolate is good for you may play a bigger part in the man’s role to attract a female. At any rate, it will give them something to talk about while they get to know each other before any sex takes place.

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