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How To Wrap Gifts Beautifully?

A well wrapped gift doubles its appreciation to the recipient.

Go with classy choices in gift wrap patterns and bags, and reserve cute ones for children. Fabric ribbons and wired ribbons immediately dress up a gift over ordinary stick-on bows and plastic ribbon. Take care to cut paper neatly and square, and to fold corners just as neatly. This will greatly improve it’s appearance. If the edges of the paper aren’t straight or look different, fold an edge over to give a neat edge. Using double-stick tape to secure allows you to hide the tape under the paper, giving a nicer appearance. Make ribbon and bows ample. A faint but pleasant scent to your gift will make it appear more luxurious.

Earthy gifts for the nature lover can be wrapped with natural raffia, with or without paper wrapping. A sprig of pine or leaves or other natural item can dress up the bow and make it unique. Left over shopping bags or paper can be hand-stamped or painted in place of commercial gift wrap, so long as it doesn’t look too much like a school craft project. Alternately, fabric can be used and wrapped like paper. Multiple layers of cheesecloth tied with a satin ribbon or raffia can make a lovely appearing gift.

Clothing and irregularly shaped items should be placed in the right sized box with untorn tissue paper around the item. Alternately, you can pack the box around the item with something beautiful or surprising, like small pine cones or silk flower petals, or even fresh jelly beans. For an especially beautiful gift, consider using a special container, like a wooden box.

For the a wrapping or time-challenged individual, gift bags are the answer. Place the gift inside a bag of appropriate size without crowding. Take pieces of tissue paper, bring the corners together, and place the tissue inside the bag on top of the gift with the corners of the paper peeking out the top of the bag.

Always include a small card with your gift, and generally, simple, elegant ones will make your gift appear more special. Get additional ideas for inspired gift wrapping by noting how expensive stores package their gift ideas.

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