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Express Love With Myspace Graphics

For a person in love, myspace is a great boon. It offers many variations of exchanging love notes. You can express your love publicly and keep the competition away. Many a times when you are dating a person, your friends may not be aware of that. A look at your profile is enough to tell them about your love life.

Out of many ways of expressing love on myspace, one can choose flash scrollers, comment generators, graphics, flash comments, photo frames and so on. The simplest method is of course to write a comment yourself in your beloved’s profile. Out of all these methods, love graphics score the best. Let me tell you how?

Myspace graphics- easy to choose

If you open the section of love graphics on any good website, you will find many graphics. Look at them and select one that best fits the mood. Copy the code and paste it in the comment box of your sweetheart. The graphic becomes visible immediately. Imagine of the happiness your beloved will feel when he/she looks at the graphic.

Myspace graphics- pointers to selection

While selecting the graphics the first pointer is the size. Oversize graphics spoil the profile and take time downloading. Very small graphics get lost amongst all the other comments. Therefore it is important to select one of the medium size. Keep the weight in mind. Any GIF graphic will be heavy and will take time downloading. Avoid them and use JPG graphics. Avoid flash graphics because you need permission of the recipient to add them. The surprise element is lost. Right selection and timely commenting is the key to exchanging love notes on myspace with graphics.

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