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The Preparation Of Separation

Divorce is always a painful process. The legalities and the conflicting claims and demands of the partners make it very complicated. Equally painful is the decision to divorce and separate. How do things come to an end where those who swore love for each other are no longer ready to live with each other? A lot happens in the process of married living to force this decision.

Sometimes, a partner realizes that the other partner is not what they claimed. The new persona gives a shock. The first reaction is that of disbelief on ones judgment. How could I get fooled? This is mixed with great anger over oneself and the other partner. The blame is squarely put on the other partner. The memories come fast and the life gets devastated. This begins the idea of getting separated. As soon as this is announced, the other partner may agree to change and plead for a second chance. In some cases, this does not work. Depending on the patience of the partners, more chances are given and lost. The end is the decision to separate. The lost time creates further heartburn.

One who decides to divorce is at least prepared mentally to some extent, but the shock is greater on one to who divorce is announced. The first reaction is of disbelief, followed by numbness or high tempered words. The decision to separate is painful for both the partners. It always creates devastation. The need is to realize quickly that life is not working and decide to separate as soon as this realization dawns. But hope always delays this process and brings in more agony.

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