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What Game Are You Playing In Your Relationship?

You must have seen many plays. You might have acted in one or two. In your relationship drama, are you playing any role? You play roles in your life in many situations and most of the times you are unaware about that. Lets discuss some relationship roles.

One of the common roles is to play the victim. ‘Your partner is the victimizer and you are the victim. He/she has no care for you or your feelings. He/she doesn’t pay any attention to your comfort or desires. All right, you say, if that is your fate. You will continue because you don’t want to look bad by breaking the relationship. You will not utter a word.’ Do you recognize this pattern? Have you not seen people playing such roles in relationships?

Another common role is - You will never be able to make your partner happy. These people complain about their partners that whatever they do, their partner is always unhappy. ‘You can bring him/her gifts, but you know that he/she will either not like them or find faults with the gift. If you suggest anything to make him/her feel good, you know that he/she will criticize that suggestion. You can keep on trying to make your relationship happy but you will fail. Sometimes you feel that you should stop trying.’

These are two examples of roles, people play in any relationship. People play many roles and once you try noticing, you will always find a pattern in such people. Playing roles destroys a relationship. Because once you decide to play a role, you will not easily stop playing it. That will stop most of the healthy communication and make the relationship a burden. A relationship is meant for joy. Role-playing kills the joy.

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