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Relationships- Are You Getting Compassion And Care?

We are all human beings. None of us is perfect. We all make mistakes. We also feel weak many times. We face many storms in our life. Our life is not always easy. In this kind of life, we need understanding, compassion and care from our partner. Do you get that? If not, what is the use of the relationship?

A mother is very important to the child because she cares and she also forgives. A mother does not always want her child to be perfect and only give. She understands the pains of her child and genuinely cares. How many of you get that from your relationship? You may rather be getting assessed at every moment. Sometimes, you find out that your partner does not want to understand your problem but rather may be adding to them. That makes you feel bitter. But you fail to explain this, or your partner is not ready to understand. Either way, you feel bad.

A relationship is good only if partners understand each others needs and be there when needed. That kind of relationship gives support. If you don’t have that kind of relationship and are only getting blames and taunts, please rethink about your relationship.

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