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Relationships And Values

We have values that are dear to us. Some of us never bend the values under any circumstances. Values guide every person in making choices. Those in military have a value of laying down their lives to save their country and they will do that, because the value is inculcated in them for long. Similarly we get values from parents, early readings, and inspiration from our heroes etc. We will never compromise with those values, if we are true believers in them.

Most of the relationships break down because of value conflicts. If both the partners share contrasting values, the relationship is doomed from day one. Here, opposites never attract. They fight with each other. Imagine a person believing in the values of socialism marrying someone who is a firm believer in capitalism? This is something like that. That kind of relationship will never survive.

What should we do about them? We should find out about the deeper values of our partner and then find out if we will be comfortable living with someone with those values? If no, we should break up. True followers can never compromise values. If you are a believer in truth, you will never lie under any situation. Find out what your partner thinks about truth and decide. Draw a list of values and find out if major values match. You will have a great relationship if they do.

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