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Relationships And Self Development

We make relationships to enjoy life. Our primary objective in a relationship is to connect with another person and derive physical, emotional and mental joy. A relationship teaches us many things about life. What about self-development and relationships? Let us find out.

When we begin a relationship, we want to show our better side. Normally we may be careless in choice of our clothing, or our speech. Once we begin a relationship, we improve upon them to make our partner feel better. We do this in all the possible areas. Here one more factor comes in play. If our relationship becomes strong, we come to know about our partner’s expectations from us. We then try to fulfill their expectations and give them happiness. That is an essential part of a relationship and that always happens if the relationship is good. That is why, it is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. Now we can also add that behind every successful woman, there is a man.

A relationship also helps us understand more about how to listen, how to communicate effectively, how to understand the other person, how to try and make the other person happy and how to sacrifice some of our own self-interests for the relationship. There are many other personality traits that grow in a relationship. These all help us to become a better person and more careful about others and our self. It also helps us understand our psyche and our partner’s psyche. Even a discord in a relationship helps us grow. A relationship always helps us grow, even if it ends up in a break-up.

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