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How To Save Your Relationship If You Are Getting Attracted To Someone Else?

Let us take an example. You are in a steady relationship. You love your partner and both of you have a good time together. You enjoy the relationship and do not want to destroy it. What if you meet somebody and get attracted? What will happen to your existing relationship and what should you do?

You have two options. The first is to forget the attraction and carry on with your relationship. The second is to get more attracted to the new person and slowly destroy the old relationship. Which option would you select? This depends upon your character. Those who think by heart and others who think by head will reach different solutions.

Best would be to write about both the scenarios. Write about what would happen to you, your existing partner and your future partner. Study the consequences carefully and then decide. If you tell your existing partner about your attraction it would make your job much simpler. At least you will suffer less from guilt.

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