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Cheating - To Tell Or Not?

So, you have cheated on your partner. You could not control yourself and you cheated on him/her. But you love your partner and you value your relationship above everything. You are worried that if you tell your partner about your cheating, the relationship will break down. But till you don’t tell your partner, your conscience is over weighed. You want to make a clean breast of everything, but are very much afraid that your relationship may break up. You are facing a dilemma. What should you do?

Lets look at the presumption that the relationship might break up if you reveal your cheating. Like you love your partner and value the relationship, so does your partner. No relationship can be one-sided. So we assume that both of you care for and love each other. Your partner may get hurt, but will he/she break up with you? That means that your partner could not tolerate a mistake and the relationship was not strong to begin with. Isn’t a mother forgiving? Why don’t you think that your partner will forgive you?

Let us come to the conscience part. Can you behave transparently and intimately with your partner after hiding something like cheating? No. That thought will keep on hammering your mind. You will never be at peace. This will surely affect your relationship and somehow manage to break it. If you are caught in such a situation, decide what you should do. Take a decision that gives you peace.

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