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The Secret Of Good Communication In Marriage

Marriages are breaking at a higher speed in modern days than anybody could predict. People are suddenly shying away from marriage fearing that divorce will be around the corner soon. There are many reasons for this. One of them is to think that our partner knows all about how we think and the kind of problems we are facing. That does not happen at all. This assumption kills many marriages. What to do? Let me tell you.

To begin with stop assuming that your partner knows all about you. You may be very disturbed about something and getting angry with your partner for not supporting you. But does your partner know that you are very disturbed? Does your partner know the reason of the disturbance and what kind of support you need? Most often that is not the case.

It is common experience that once the marriage breaks down, both the partners blame each other citing many instances. The other partner protests that he/she knew nothing about them, or never took them seriously. That is the result of communication gap in this area. As spouse, it is your duty to find out what is going on in the mind of your partner. If your partner shies away telling you, you need to talk and find out. Otherwise you will find the situation spiraling out of hand over time. If he/she does not tell me, why should I ask? This does not work. Keep yourself fully informed about all the issues that matter to your partner and give support. That is the key to bonding and happiness.

Please talk to your partner about all the issues that matter to you. Talk to your partner about your feelings and your expectations. That will help cement a better relationship. Because now your partner knows what is needed.

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