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Marriage Advice

Marriage used to be a sacred bond that was not supposed to be broken so easily. With changing times, the character of marriage is changing. Can one live peacefully with broken marriages? No. This section tells you about how to enter into a marriage after making sure that it will last and how to improve the marital relationship. We also discuss about what to think before proceeding for divorce. But most important is to marry someone where such questions don’t arise. Please read on…

Personality And Happy Marriage

What difference does the personality of partners make to a happy marriage? What makes them live happy together? What do they wish to see in….

Marriage Of Hearts

Marriage is one of the oldest customs known to us. It is difficult to answer about why a couple would like to marry, if they can live together even otherwise.

Marriage - A Beautiful Relationship

Marriage is a beautiful relationship. Unfortunately, during the current years, more marriages are getting broken than ever.

Keeping Marriage Happy

Marriages are taken for granted. After the honeymoon period is over, couples co-exist. Most of the time without any charm in their married life.

How To Make Powerful Wedding Wishes?

A wedding is a very special occasion. A couple deciding to live together forever till they live. Make a family, with children who may become….

How To Avoid Work Stress Hurt Your Marriage?

Work stress plays a very major role in hurting married life. Most of the men and women bring their stress home and play havoc with their married life.

How Much Are You Dependent On Your Marriage?

Marriage is the best form of companionship designed by mankind. After marriage a person is assured of at least one friend for life

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

The day of wedding that was awaited since long is gone. The couple has joined millions of other couples in the dull existence of life.

Caring For Each Other In Marriage

If you thought that a marriage could succeed on love alone, please rethink. Love is transitory. The mutual attraction or the infatuation that….

Are You Satisfied With Your Mate?

My idea of home is everything at the right place. His idea is to litter around as much as possible. I love to read, he prefers to go to movies.

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