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Are You Emotionally Satisfied In Your Marriage?

A marriage is a bond where both partners live together to seek emotional and physical satisfaction. Emotional satisfaction is a very important part of the married life because when one is dissatisfied emotionally, one feels cheated and wants to get away from the relationship. Are you emotionally satisfied in your marriage? If you say yes, it means that you are always happy in your married life, or at least happy most of the times. You have no complaints about your partner not giving enough attention to your needs. Your partner helps you fulfil these needs, and you feel that you will be emotionally destroyed if your partner is lost.

Can we examine this subject in the context of how your partner helps you achieve emotional satisfaction? Remember that your emotional needs may be stated or unstated. It is not necesarry that you will come home one fine day and say that you are feeling very sad. Your partner may have to discern that from your non-verbal behavior and help you beat the sadness. Most of us are unable to define what we need to be happy. We are unable to define even happiness. If happiness is defined in simple terms as feeling good then are you getting that help from your partner? Does your partner make you feel good at all times? Say you lost a big sum in business, what do you get from your partner? Understanding of the loss and encouragement to come out of the feeling of dejection.

Emotional satisfaction may be termed as emotional support. When you are feeling sad, your spouse is with you and when you are very elated, your spouse is equally elated. He/She respects you as an intelligent and worthy human being, understands your values and what you need emotionally to feel good and gives you that support. Let us take one simple example - you may be an animal activist fighting for keeping the animals happy and away from all the pains, giving them their due on the earth. If your partner has no care for animals, you will not get any emotional satisfaction from him/her. Emotionally satisfying one’s partner needs skill and love with care. It means to care for the other person and also care for his/her mental state, and care for what are his/her concerns. Sounds complicated? It is simple. We give to our partner, what we wish to get from others. Understanding, support and positive co-operation.

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