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Love brings euphoria in life. Love can give great satisfaction and enjoyment forever. For that to happen, you have to understand more about what is love, your own expectations and how to get the partner with whom you can live in love. Love can also destroy. Read all about it and more in this section devoted to love and romance. Become a success in love.

Are You Similar To Each Other?

How similar are you with your partner? Agreed that both of you are in love, and enjoy each others togetherness. You like each other and want….

Are You Romancing In Love?

Have you experienced romantic love when you have sent flowers for no reason? When you sent hundreds of ecards in a single day.

Are You Made For Each Other?

The couple was walking on the sidewalk. They looked to be totally absorbed with each other. They were not speaking to each other, but….

Are You Lovable?

This looks like an awkward question. We will confess that he/she is not lovable? But the truth is that many of us are not lovable at all.

Are You In Love?

So you think that you are in love. Are you sure? How? Why do you think that you are in love? Why do you think that it is not temporary attraction?

Are You A Caring Lover?

What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always….

Communication- Know How The Other Person Thinks

Communication is the key to success. It is the key not only in career but more so in personal life. Many divorces and break-ups could be avoided if….

Are You A Possessive Lover?

To possess means to own. Do we own our partner? Do we own their time? Are they our slaves? If you ask anybody these questions, you will hear a definite no.

The Magic Of Love

Love, the very word brings forth feelings of warmth. Love, a relationship, which makes us whole. A companion with whom we share all our…

What Is Romance?

Romance, the eternal subject for most of the poets. Romance, the life giving force. Romance, that changes perceptions and romance makes a dull night…

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