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Living On An Island Only With Your Love

Love- how much do you love? Those who love have no way to measure that. But they describe their love in glowing terms. I can die for my sweetheart. I can do anything to please him/her. We can never stay separately. I cannot dream of days without you and so on. What is the truth? Is it love or lust? Is it love or lust? When you are in love, you don’t demand anything. All that you desire is happiness of your beloved. A true lover will be very happy to leave his/her beloved if that pleases them. But does that happen in our world? I don’t think so. Please look at some of these love eCards to know how lovers express their love to each other. Free I Love You Ecards, Miss You Ecards and Romantic Birthday Greetings. Love- is love enough? Love is always spoken in glowing words. Those who have love feel that they need nothing more than that. All that they need is love, air, water, food and shelter. Is that strictly true? Will you be ready to live on an island only with your beloved? With no other human being around, are you ready to spend your whole life on an island? Please think about it.

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