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How To Attract Love?

Who does not wish to attract love? All of us want to attract the best person to ourselves. Am I right? We all wish that the best specimen of the opposite sex became our mate. Let us quiz, if you can do that and find out how you can do that.

Love quiz- what attracts you? Let me ask you this- what attracts you? That answer will give answer to our first question. A person who looks very smart, a person who looks very handsome/beautiful, a person who shows care and love for us, a person who is very intelligent, a person who is compassionate, a person who is well read, a person who is independent minded, a person who can make others laugh, a person who is not selfish, a person who is not greedy, a person who looks honest - these are some qualities that will attract you. Am I on the right track?

Quiz if you can develop these qualities- all of us want many things in life. The question arises- are we ready to work towards that? Most of us want to continue in our old way and want different results. Let me repeat - almost of us want to continue in the old way but want different results than before. That will never happen. For getting different results than before we have to act differently. Develop the attributes you are looking for in others and you will attract the best from the opposite sex.

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