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Does Your Partner Have Same Values As You?

In every relationship, problems occur when there is a clash of values. Both the partners may not share the same values and that may cause friction leading to a break-up. Values are our beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. For some of us, the value of frugal living is very important. While for others family ties are important as a value. Does your partner share your values or are both of you leading towards a collision and break-up? An analysis can save you lot of pain and discomfort.

Values such as honesty, loving, compassion, mercy, and others that have been taught to us since our childhood and that we respect drive many of our actions. Unfortunately with the degradation in social values, personal values are also falling. That apart, the discussion is about the values that you respect and the values that your partner respects-are they common?

The answer to this question may decide the future of your relationship. Let me give you an example. Suppose you believe that small lying or cheating to further your cause is not bad and is acceptable to you. Your partner strongly believes that nothing wrong should be ever done. Will this conflict in values not produce a conflict in relationship, because we live by our values? Those who believe in talking liberty with values may not get that hurt, but those who believe in living by their values at every step can not dream of braking their values for anyone. This produces a value conflict.

Before entering into any relationship compare your values with those of your prospective partner. If you find a conflict in major values, do not proceed with the relationship. If the major values are matching and conflict is about small parts, you can discuss that with your partner. Values give direction to our life and mold it.

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