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Do You Feel Loved?

One talks of love in many ways. All of you want to love someone. Many of you are in love and in a relationship. You use the word in different ways, sometimes without truly understanding the meaning of it. Let us ask you a simple question. Do you feel loved in your relationship?

How does one feel loved? Imagine a mother and her child together. If the child falls, the mother rushes to her child to take care and stop him/her crying. That is extreme worry and care for someone. Do you feel that kind of care and worry for your beloved? Have you watched a river rushing to meet the ocean? If you meet your beloved after few days, will she/he rush towards you in that hurry? Have you ever felt that? Watch the dry earth, parched without water. It longs for rains. It desperately wants rain. Do you sense that kind of want in your sweetheart for you? Put your head in water and stop breathing. You want to breathe; otherwise you feel that you will die. Does your partner show that kind of love without you that she/he will die without you? If your answers to all these is yes, you are being loved.

To feel loved is very important for us. When we stop feeling loved, the relationship begins cracking. Express this kind of love for your partner and expect that in return.

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