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Dangers Of Euphoric Love

‘Love makes me complete. I have found what I was searching for all these years. The emptiness in my heart has been filled with love. My darling has given me the real life. I live for love. I live for my darling. What is life without love? There is nothing more important than love in life, because love is life.’

Are you in euphoric love with someone and have submerged yourself in that love so much, that nothing else is any more important in life for you? Do you only want to be with your sweetheart, please him/her and feel the high of love at all the times? Have you submerged your personality in love and now do only what pleases your sweetheart? You may not be aware of it, but what feels so life-giving, may one day threaten your life if your darling turns away.

Are you an emotional animal, with very strong emotions? All your emotions are very strong and your heart rules over your heart? Then you are getting totally dependant on your beloved to get love and feel good. When he/she will walk away one day, you will feel strong emotions of loneliness, sadness and hurt. You will feel cheated. You will self beat yourself continuously and try to regain that love, but it will not return. Note that your partner may not feel the euphoric love that has engulfed you so much. Your partner may be more practical and can walk away if you begin to become a liability.

This may not necessarily happen. All partners don’t leave. You may continue enjoying the love. But try to get satisfaction and try to feel fulfilled with other means also. Don’t get totally dependant on your love. Spreading your love from one person to many others may be one solution. That will not be romantic love of course, but love of compassion and purity.

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