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Can Your Love Stand Rough Spots?

After the initial euphoria of love gets over, lovers start thinking about what troubles them. For example, your partner may always be coming late to meet you. you never told him/her about that till now. You feel that now you must tell, because you cannot bear waiting every time.

You are troubled by a habit of your darling. But that was always ignored in the initial euphoria of knowing each other and developing relationship. You want to point out about that habit now.

You are facing a problem at your work place. You have kept that problem away from your sweetheart. Now you feel that you need his/her support to fight that problem. These are few examples of what happens in the second phase of love. How to discuss such issues with your beloved and whether they will affect your relationship?

When love matures a little, it is time to find out about how much both of you are ready to support each other and what is the quality of love that you share. If the love is only skin deep, a small problem will take it away and that is good. Otherwise you might have continued in a relationship that would have been of no use to you. If the love is strong, discussing personal issues and problems will bring you closer to each other. Many of us hesitate to discuss any problem. They do not want the love to get affected at any cost. But is that love or a pretension of love? If you truly love each other, you must be open with each other. Why live in a make believe world? A close relationship demands that both of you talk about and help each other at all times. If that does not happen, love is of no use and should be discarded. After all you are searching for a partner, who will be with you through thick and thin and vice-versa.

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