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How Much Do You Know About Your Man?

How much do you know about your man? We are not talking about what he prefers to eat, or what kind of work he loves, or which game is his favorite. We are talking about his inner core. This core holds the real emotions, values and principles. Do you know everything about the inner core of your man? If not, you may get a shock after some time.

This is not only true for women, but also for men. But women always get more hurt after a break-up. Find out about the values of your husband. Does he have any? If yes, what are they? Which values will he never compromise? What are his principles of life? Does he truly live by them or changes them when it suits him? How honest is he? Is it make believe honesty or real?

Try to know everything that your man thinks and believes. That will help you have a better relationship.

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