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Economic Dependence And Marriage

A woman faces many issues in marriage. After a woman gets married, she may have to leave her career mid-way to look after her home. A woman looks after her children and home and is practically employed for all the twenty-four hours without any pay. Her man earns and provides.

A woman is dependent on men for money in this situation. If the man turns nasty and refuses to give her money for her personal expenses, she is helpless. If she decides to divorce the man, she may get alimony. But not many women decide to divorce so quickly. A man uses the money as a weapon and that makes the relationship unequal. Till the marriage is going smoothly, most of the women do not think about their dependence, but as soon as cracks develop, this thought begins troubling them. What should a woman do to get some financial independence in her marriage?

The remedy lies in the understanding reached before the marriage. Despite everything looking very rosy before the marriage, women should commit their men to give them a fixed percentage of their income monthly for personal expenses. This should begin with the marriage. Most of the men would happily agree about this before they exchange the marriage vows. There seems to be no other solution to this problem for women. If they decide to work part-time to earn money, their men would blame them for neglecting home. A woman begins feeling helpless in such situations. Make an informal agreement with your man before you get married, so that you get some amount of financial independence.

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