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Do You Need To Change?

Many women believe that they know, what is perfect and what they do is right. It is the man who is responsible, they believe. There was a woman on an online forum who had left her man for someone else for about six months. She was not happy and returned. After returning, she began blaming her boyfriend for all the ills of their relationship. On asking her- ‘what about the effect of her suddenly leaving your boyfriend for somebody else? What effect that must have caused on her boyfriend?’ She angrily blamed her boyfriend again and said that no one could understand her pain.

A relationship is made of two people. You want something good from it. Think also about your partner. It cannot be a one-way street. What you are asking for, is with your partner and he will gladly give it to you if you give him love. By making him feel bad all the time, you will get no happiness from him.

It is a paradox. We pain those from whom we desire love. Then we blame our partner. It is a game we play but it destroys our relationship. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves in others shoes and think about what he wants and give that to him. We will then get what we want. We may need to change.

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