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Do Men Like Well Built Women?

Men want their woman to be frail or well built. They want a woman who cooks for them, or are also attracted if she exercises regularly and is not frail at all. It seems that despite obvious answers, most men do not like frail women. They rather avoid them. They want a healthy laughing woman who exercises and shows that she cares for herself more than others. Is it selfish for a woman to think more of herself than others? You may think so, but unless a woman gets selfish, she would not respect herself. Men want women who respect themselves. Men want women of intelligence. They certainly don’t want arrogant women. But they sure want a woman who knows how to make a mark.

Love Quiz- Is he your Mr.Right?

A 19 question love quiz to find out if the guy in your life is someone, you can spend the rest of your life with.

Love Quiz- Are you a head turner?

Do you really look stunning or is it a figment of your own imagination? Know with this quiz right away.

Love Quiz- Why are you still single?

Is it because you are over-confident? Or are you shy? Or you simply too busy? Find out now.

Love Quiz- The love compatibility test for couples

A love quiz for you. Test your compatibility with your partner. The quiz can be taken alone by you or together with your partner.

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