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Admitting Abuse

Abuse is common in some marriages. Women suffer abuse but don’t want to reveal about it to their friends and family. They feel that creating a facade of a happy marriage is better than talking about realities that will shame them in front of everyone. Is this the right attitude? Let us look at the pros and cons.

It is correct that if you don’t talk about your abuse to others, you maintain a facade of self-respect. You will not be worried that people know or think about the abuse you are undergoing. Let the reality be different. But can we wish away the reality?

What about the battering you receive? Does that not affect you physically and psychologically? You will not be able to hide your abuse forever. One day, it will get known. What then? The correct decision should be to talk about the abuse with responsible people and either make your husband stop it or take divorce. Let people talk about it. That does not affect your happiness. But getting battered will surely do.

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