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Is She Losing Interest In You?

Many a times people are so blindly in love that they just don’t seem to notice that their partner may not be enjoying the relationship as they are. There is no
fire without smoke. So if there is something wrong in your relationship, your partner will surely send signals to you. Truly, understanding a woman is no child’s play. Therefore take help of some signs that let you know if she is losing interest in you.

1. Avoids meeting you:

Does she give silly excuses not to meet you? Of late, has she not been returning your calls or mails? Does she try her best to stay away from you? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a possibility that you are not so special to her any more.

2. Chooses others over you all the time:

When she is losing interest in you, spending time with you won’t excite her anymore. She would rather choose something else. If you feel that all of a sudden she keeps choosing other things or other people over you, it is a sign that there is trouble in paradise.

3. Sudden unexplainable change in behavior:

If all of a sudden, her love for you looks more like pity than love or when you are with her it feels as if you are with a complete stranger, then there is something you need to talk to her about.

4. Gets irritated about everything you do:

It is quite possible that she doesn’t feel love for you anymore. So in order to hide her own guilt, she tries to find faults with you. That will give her a point when she wants to break up.

5. Avoids intimacy of any sort:

Not wanting to meet you alone, pushing you away when you try to get close to her, not sharing personal secrets with you anymore, avoiding holding your hand in public and so on, are signs that she doesn’t feel comfortable with you anymore.

6. Cheats on you:

The main reason why she would cheat on you would be because she is losing interest in you. This is why she wanted to find solace in the arms of another man. If you feel that she frequently cheats you, then it is time to say good bye.

7. Not talking about future with you:

When a girl is losing interest in you and she is considering ending the relationship, she will avoid talking about your future together. The reason being, she may find it totally pointless talking about something that is not going to happen.

8. Talking about friendship after love:

If she has plans to break up with you soon, she may start talking to you about the positivity of a break up. She may do this to prepare you for what’s coming next.

9. She looks uncomfortable to disclose your relationship to people:

She avoids referring you as her boyfriend to new people. Instead she may introduce you as a friend. She may also avoid acknowledging that you are her boyfriend in public.

10. Planning outings without you:

When a girl is trying to get some space from you, she may resort to planning outings with her other
friends without you. This shows that she enjoys life more with others rather than you.

All relationships go through a rough patch. There are times when even the strongest of all relationships lose the spark. Hence, it is necessary to work hard and keep the spark alive. If your relationship is going through a bad phase, you should not lose hope. You should try all that it takes to make it work. Speak to your partner. However if it still doesn’t work out, it is better to let go of things. It may seem hard at first but always remember, ‘whatever happens, happens for the best’.

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