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How To Find Out If She Loves You?

Women are tough creatures to understand. The reason being, they are so good at hiding their feelings. In fact most of the time, they themselves aren’t sure of what they feel. If there is a girl that you like and you are not sure about what she feels about you, don’t worry you are not alone. You are just a part of 80% of the population of guys, who are unsure whether the girl of their dreams feels the same way about them. However, here’s a life saver. Below are some signs that the girl of your dreams likes you, for real.

1. Introduces you to her friends:

For any girl, her friends’ approval matters a lot. This is one reason why when a girl likes you, she will want her friends to meet you as well. If she insists on you meeting her friends, there is a big chance of her being seriously interested in you.

2. Body language:

Body language can speak a lot about how interested a girl is in you. If she is in love with you, you may often catch her playing with her hair while she is talking to you. You may also catch her looking deep into your eyes while talking to you. Yet, another sign would be her laughing at your jokes and touching you playfully on your arm.

3. Search signs of nervousness:

If a girl likes you, she will tend to get self-conscious or nervous each time you are around her. Fidgeting, trying to sit up straight, biting her lips, etc are signs of nervousness.

4. Making efforts to keep in touch:

Actions like calling you up for no particular reason, texting you just to say hi, sending you personal emails all the time, constantly updating you with her life, etc.indicate that she is making a special effort to stay in touch with you.

5. Sharing intimate secrets:

If she starts confiding in you, seeks your advice and undivided attention all the time or shares stuff that she doesn’t tell anyone else, then there is a strong possibility that she treats you much more than a friend.

6. Listens to you:

When a girl is interested in you, she will want to keep getting to know you better. Hence, you will always find her listening to you carefully while you talk. She will pay attention to every word you say and may ask questions as well.

7. Blushes around you:

This is something that girls cannot hide. If you compliment her about something, and find out that she starts blushing a little too much, you can assume that she considers you more than a friend. Watch for signs of blushing while you are around her. You will find her face turning red the moment you make your entrance.

8. Finds excuses to touch you:

When a girl likes you she will usually search for reasons to touch you. If you find her hugging you for small reasons, touching you on your arm or accidentally dashing into you more often, chances are that she is very much into in you.

9. Reactions from her friends:

Check for the reactions from her girlfriends. All her friends will treat you with respect. They will smile at her when you come to talk to her. These are signs that she has told her girlfriends about her crush on you.

10. Jealousy:

She will get jealous when you compliment another girl. She may also tend to get jealous, if you are giving some other girl more attention than her.

Above are some signs that she likes you. They may differ from girl to girl but a majority of females will act as given above.

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