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Work And Dating

Work is an essential part of life. All of you are trying to reach greater heights in your careers. All of you want to grow and reach the top in your profession. This desire begins right from your college days. All those who pass from college are looking for a good job, with high probability of promotion and making a good name.

Work is important. Rather very important. Without working and achieving, no educated person gets satisfaction. But is work all in life? Many of us disregard dating, because work is taking precedence. Dating and searching for a good life partner is taking a back seat because some work has to be finished first.

Will work ever get over? Will projects ever finish? Will the growth in career ever stop? Will problems in work ever disappear? Will your desire to do better ever get satisfied? Never. Nothing of these will ever occur. They are all infinite. Even if you reach the top of the largest organization in the world, you will have to keep on working to make sure that competition does not beat you.

What should be done? Bring a balance between work and personal life. Look at your life goals. Does personal life find a place there? Does experiencing love find a place there? Does relating to someone personally find a place there? If yes, begin dating in a systematic manner. Search for good partners, and make a good life with him/her. Many of you ignore dating at the cost of work, but that is not the whole of your life. Your life should be multi-faceted. Your life should lead you to total happiness and not partial happiness. Passing time alone is no fun. There is no joy in that. Nature has intended that you meet people of the opposite sex and find your mate. Make a fine balance between dating and work.

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