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Who Will Be Right For You? Part 2

In the last article, we studied about what qualities we should look for in our dating partner. We also discussed about attraction mainly physical and how it may wane after some days. In this article, we will discuss more about attraction.

We understand that we get attracted to each other for different reasons. It may be- physical attraction, attraction towards intellectual ability, attraction to the personality and so on. We know that if physical attraction is the main criteria of our choice, we should not go ahead. That attraction may wane after some months. Let us now talk about intellectual attraction.

Intellectual ability of a high quality attracts many of us. We are amazed by the quick wit, knowledge and intelligence of a person. We think that such a person would make a great partner in life. What is better than constant intellectual stimulation? But that may not be true at all. In fact the relationship may fail badly if the gap between intellectual ability of both partners is high.

The person who is intellectually superior to you may tolerate and rather enjoy talking to you for some months. Such persons even adopt the role of a teacher and guide. But after some time they get bored. They look for somebody who matches them in intelligence. At the same time, being with a intellectual may cause inferiority complex in you after some time. The gap also makes communication very difficult in some situations. Are you looking for somebody who will dominate you with his/her intellectual capability? Are you looking for somebody who may laugh at you at times? Are you looking at somebody who may make fun of you? I do not think that any of us wants that. In the next article we will look at intellectual attraction in more detail and also talk about attraction to personality.

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