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The Golden Rules Of Dating

Follow these golden rules for success in dating. You want success in dating, am i right? Or you are looking for a failed date subconsciously? Check it out with your thinking. Do not get surprise some of us sub consciously are looking for failure. Though they look all eager to make the date a success, something tells them that they deserve misery and not happiness. This subconscious tuning leads such people to behave in a manner that guarantees failure and satisfies their belief that- I am a failure and I do not deserve good things in life. If you are conditioned in this way, change your thinking. Believe that you also deserve success like your friends and are worthy of that. Let us now talk about the golden rules of success in dating.

1. Never discuss any subject that may cause arguments. Religion, politics, beliefs about some social groups and any such topic should be avoided.

2. Even if you enjoy your alcohol, control yourself on a date. It is also true with smoking. Be within acceptable limits.

3. Wear neutral colored clothing. Anything that distracts your personality should be avoided.

4. Control your voice. The volume should neither be artificially low nor high.

5. Laugh between intervals and give smile.

6. Maintain eye contact. Do not look away from your date for an extended period.

7. Do not talk about your past relationships. Speak less and hear more. Do not interrupt your date.

Follow these simple rules. Remember during a date, you are there to develop good relations with your date and find out if both of you can be partners. Take dating seriously. Be open and honest. Spell out your expectations clearly and find out more about what your date thinks. Dating can be very exciting. To meet a human being and to try and develop intimacy is very exciting. Let this excitement help you in dating.

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