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Stress Hurts Relationship

Stress is one of the most common used words. it is also one of the most common problems we all face. Stress kills the joy of living. Think about your friends, and you will surely point to one who always looks stressed. Who rushes from one work to another? Who has no time to sit down and think peacefully? Stress is the way of life for him/her.

What kind of success do such people get in dating? Very less. Let us see why? They will be stressed with the very thought of how the date will go? Whether the setting will be right/ whether he/she like me/ what if I speak some rubbish and hurt her/him? All such negative thoughts come in the mind of such people. They kill all the positive thoughts and think passively as if the sky was going to fall down.

On the day of dating, they would somehow miss the time. They may not have chosen the proper outfit? They would rush to the meeting place and disturb their mind in the process. It is the game of stress. Stress that is caused by thinking about - what if everything goes wrong? And predictably because of the stress, everything goes wrong.

Please relax. Let things go wrong if that is destined. Do not worry about them. Relax and prepare calmly. Meet your date with a undisturbed mind. Do not rush. If you are late say sorry and go forward. Try to enjoy and try to make your date enjoy your togetherness. Let the stress go and good and positive thought come in your mind. Stress never helps in dating. It rather kills all the chances of success.

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