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Know More About People From What They Speak

When you meet a person, you have visual contact. You can feel the emotions and the sound. What If contact is only by letters? Here you have only words. Can you judge a person by words? Let us discuss.

Types of personalities-

I know everything. The words say that the person is there to tell others about what to do and how to behave and so on, as if they are taking a class of primary school students, what does it tell you about that person? That person may be suffering from inferiority complex and needs to assert at every point. This kind of personality needs to be handled carefully. If you are in business relationship, never suggest anything to such a person. Never use the word-but. Always agree with what they say, appreciate them and then give your opinion as a suggestion. That will be accepted.

I am not perfect at all. This kind of person believes that they are full of faults and need to told again and again that they are meant for failure. They seek reconfirmation of that. With such people tell them as many times as you can that they are good, it would be like talking to a wall. Do not do that at all. Instead appreciate small things written by them. Give them a little boost here and there. Do not be direct with praise.

I am human. This kind of personality is a mix of all emotions and feelings. at one moment this person may get angry. At another moment this person may say sorry. Third time this person may be soft and offer help. Essentially most of us go through changing emotions all the time. This personality is easiest to deal with. Words have tremendous power and they may give away a person.

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