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How To Make Sure That Past Relationship Is Over?

Many of us have this lingering doubt about our partners- Is their past relationship over? Or are they still waiting for their ex to come back? Are we a stop gap arrangement? This happens because we find our partner getting messages and mails from their ex or trying to get in contact with them or feel jealous about the new relationship of ex. That shows that their relation with their ex is not totally over.

What do we do in this case? Instead of making wild speculations, one should have a honest talk with one’s partner. Talk all about his/her ex and their feelings for them. Find out if your partner is seriously interested in you and has dropped all the thoughts of the ex.

This is important. Many people carry the emotional baggage of past relationship and are waiting for the past to come back. That does not help the new relationship. That hurts and you may feel cheated.

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