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Gentlemen and Dating - Part 2

Some, not most, men prefer to have a lady on their arm in public and a ‘pro’ in their bed. As far as casual sex goes, women still make those decisions. It is unfortunate that some women play games and act like teases, but only the inexperienced man will fall for that kind of game playing. Same is true for a woman going out to dinner and not knowing what to do afterwards if the man expects pay back. A simple goodnight kiss and saying that it was fun should be enough.

My belief is that intimacy is just as important as sex. In the long run, it really has nothing to do with being over-sexed or under-sexed, just that men and women have different needs. Questions about mechanical versus natural intercourse can be answered by saying that release is just that, a release. A man wants the release (and doesn’t much care how he gets it) whereas a woman wants to feel ‘loved’, cuddled, embraced, felt needed and desirous.

Most women that will talk about their relationship will admit that their interpretation of sex centers on a man’s ability to be intimate and loving in bed. They readily admit to having sex many of the times that a man initiates it, but they enjoy it to the fullest when the man has paid attention to her needs of cuddling and talking before hand.

In Gentlemen and Dating Part 3, we explore some of the things that make men and women different when it comes to their sex drive.

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