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Do You Look Attractive?

Before finding about you, lets define attraction. What is attraction? Attraction means to draw attention towards you. Others when they notice you, should feel good and try to find out more about you. They should come towards you. It is like a magnet attracting iron particles. What about you?

What do others think about you? Has anyone complimented you about your particular qualities? Have you been complimented about your looks, or attraction? Talk to some of your friends- both men and women. Ask them about what they think about you. What attracts them towards you and what repels? Make a list. Look at the positives and try to improve upon them. Look at the negatives and improve. If needed, take an expert’s opinion. Many times, the problem is that we are so narcissistic that we do not look at ourselves in totality.

Unless you look attractive to others, you will not make a social impact. Do not dissolve your individuality but add flavor to it so that others find it more interesting.

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