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Dating - Hearing No

You had a great time together. You enjoyed and loved your date’s personality. It was your first date but things went very smoothly. You think that this may be the right person you have been looking for. You are proposing to meet again and thinking about how to say that. And before you ask for, when can you meet again, your date speaks - ‘I enjoyed today. I think that you have a great personality and an intelligent mind. But somehow I think that we are not made for each other. I don’t want to beat around the bush and make you wait and have any hope about me. I am looking for somebody else and I don’t think you are that person. I am sorry, but this is the truth.’

This will hurt. Sometimes, rejections hurt badly. But there is no way out. Because it is not necessary that every person you like, will like you. It can go either way, and both the persons should be ready to hear a no. What if you were sitting on the opposite chair? Would you give false hopes, say that you will call again and make some body wait and then never respond? That will hurt even more. The best way is to speak the truth as gently as possible. Don’t forget that, as a person, you are not getting rejected. Someone is rejecting you as a right partner. That does not diminish your value as a human being in any way.

You can get two of the best specimens on the earth from opposite sexes and ask them to date. Don’t be surprised if one rejects the other or both reject each other. All have their preferences and all want the person they dream about. If your date does not turn out to be that person, no use fooling around with false promises to feel nice. Truth is always the best way. Learn to say a straight no, and learn to accept a straight no. It is not necessary that you will like your date and similarly it is not necessary if your date does not like you.

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