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Body Language During Dating

Learning body language is an art. Let us tell you about it. Have you ever gone to meet someone and got bored after sometime and wanted to walk away? You would find your legs turning towards the exit automatically. If the other person is a good student of body language, he/she will understand that you want to leave. In context of dating, it is important to learn body language basics to find out how your date is reacting.

Arms crossed in a defensive posture, turning his/her body away from you, inattentiveness to what you are speaking, minimal physical contact, an occasional yawn and very little eye contact - these are signs that your date is not interested. As one gets uninterested in someone, one tries to move away and reduce contact. If during a date, you read any of these signals what should you do? Best is to watch for some time and then ask the honest question - are you feeling uncomfortable, let me know. If yes, lets stop here. Ask honestly, so that you get an honest answer. Sometimes, the answer will be not what you expect, but body language is a sure way to find the real state of your date’s mind.

Increasing physical contact, total interest in what you are saying, high level of eye contact, no sign that shows any hurry, and active participation with you, are clear signals that your date is very interested in you. As anybody gets interested, he/she wants to increase intimacy and come nearer. These physical signals say that loudly. There will be no yawns. Rather the eyes will be shining and there will be a smile on the face. When you spot these signals, be sure that the other person loves to meet you and be with you. If you are equally interested, respond similarly and take that date forward to another level.

During dating, many times, people want to act nice and are not honest enough about their true feelings. Body language tells you what is the truth.

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