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Divorce - Is It Always Wrong?

Divorced. The word resonates in the ears. And people will watch you more keenly. If you are a woman, your female friends may suddenly stop inviting you to their homes. You are free and can snatch away their husbands. If you are a male, your men friends will hesitate. Wondering what is the difference between a bachelor and a divorcee? But some how people perceive them as different. Is divorce bad? Should one continue through a destructive relationship because one fears taking a divorce?

Why do you marry? Your main objective of getting married is not to get status in society. Your main objective is to find a life partner with whom you can have a joyous journey through life. You need someone to love and get loved in return. You need someone to be with you and make you complete. Otherwise life may become lonely. You need marriage to raise children properly. A woman feels fulfilled after becoming a mother and a man feels good when he looks at his children, otherwise what charm is left in life?

What if marriage gives you pain instead of joy? What if despite repeated efforts it does not work. What if both the partners are always unhappy? This affects their career and kills all the happiness. The strain of living with someone you may begin to hate may hurt you psychologically. There is no escape from this except separation. Why not go through it and start life afresh? This decision requires strength of character and decisiveness. If you have tried everything, and nothing works. If the relationship is going downhill every day, is divorce not the right step? Life is not meant to give us pain, but pleasure. Why not claim it?

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